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Olivia's Genealogy Site:       ABNER LOWRY IN HIS OWN HAND



Abner Lowry was Borned Oct. 26/1862

(Added by someone else----Died July 26, 1944)

 Rosa E. Lowry was Borned June 24, 1882

(Added by someone else----Died Feb. 26, 1952 at 2:15 AM)

Was married  Feb. 6, 1905

 Cottie Arrelia Lowry was Borned  Feb. 19, 1891

 Plummer W. Lowry was Borned Nov. 27, 1892

 Burta I. Lowry was Borned Feb. 1st, 1895

 OH Elery Lowry was Borned Oct. 1st, 1897

 Zeb Abner Lowry was Borned Dec. 29, 1898

 Ira Pate Lowry was Borned  March 5, 1906

 Luler M. B. Lowry was Borned Oct. 16, 1907

 The Baby Now was Borned April 15, 1910

Carlee Stetson Lowry

Baby Now was Borned July 21/12

Bernard Franklin Steal Lowry was Borned July 21, 1912

The Baby Now was borned April 5, 1914

Theodore McClain Lowry

The Baby Now was borned Nov. 7, 1916

Prebble M. Lowry

Jason Brisco Lowry was Borned  May 16, 1919

 Oppered on Carlee Stetson’s Throat March 16---15

Cost $35.00 at the T.M. West Hospitle (sp) Fayetteville, N. C.

Baby Now was borned Aug. 26, 1921

His name Baby Lowry—he died Jan. 31, 1922

Age 5 months and 5 days old.

The Baby Now was borned Apr. 3, 1923

Eunice Hazel Lowry

The Baby Now was born Sept. 1st, 1925

Burnice  Amelia Lowry


Calvin Lowry Died June 9, 1892 (Abner Lowry’s father)

Patrick Lowry Died Nov. 17, 1892 (Calvin Lowry’s brother and also a brother of Henry Berry Lowry)

Purdy Lowry Died March 1892

Marshall Maxwell Died Sept. 27, 1894

Irvin Spaulding Died April 28, 18—

Elder A. M. C. L. Moore Died June 16, 1896

Grandmother Sampson Died Nov. 19, 1897 (Calvin Lowry’s wife and Abner Lowry’s grandmother.)

Aaron Moore Died April 4, 1905

Mariah  ?  Died Feb. 12, 1907

Mariah Lowry Died March 16, 1908

J.H. Sampson Died  Nov. 10, 1908

 Molly Sampson Died  Dec. 15, 1919

Uncle  J.W. Lowry Died Jan. 17, 1926

Aron Lowry Died Oct. 17, 1936

Aunt Purt Died Jan. 3, 1938—age about 98 or 99 (Henry Berry Lowry’s sister)

H.H. Lowry Died April 22, 1936 at Durham  Hospital (I think that this was Abner Lowry’s brother)

Dr. Johnnie Lowry of Va. Died Spring of 1958 (not written by Abner Lowry; Abner Lowry’s nephew)

Walter A. Lowry of Va.  Died Feb. 27, 1959 in vet. Hospital (not written by Abner Lowry; may have been Abner Lowry’s nephew)

 B.W. Lowry (Abner Lowry’s brother)  Died Jan. 27, 1961----100 years old (Not written by Abner Lowry)


Reba Milsaps Lowry wife of Ira Pate Lowry

Born Nov. 4, 1907; Died Nov. 8, 1980

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Statement found in Abner Lowry’s document

“This is an age of Progress.  We see its flag floating over every department of human industry.”



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