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Obituaries are copied from funeral bulletins and/or newspapers.


Obituaries are alphabetized by Surnames.

Lowery, Albert---Lowry, Abner and family---

to  Lowry, Rev F.R.


Lowery, Rev. Albert “Big Al”, age 61 of 724 NC Hwy 710 North, Pembroke

B. July 21, 1941; D. February 4, 2003 at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, NC

Services:  Revels Funeral Home Chapel, Lumberton, NC

Interment: Tribal Mound Cemetery, Deep Branch Rd. Pembroke, NC


He was preceded in death by his father Daulmon Lowery, Sr.  He is survived by his wife, Mary Ann Blue Lowery of the home; his mother Katie Lowery; three sons; Terry Lowery of Spartanburg, SC, Lanny Lowery of Wilmington, NC, Kenly Lowery of Covington, Ga., two daughters, Sherry Lowery and Darlene Locklear, both of Lumberton, NC; two brothers, Rev. Daulmon Lowery, Jr. of Maxton and Larry Lowry of Lumberton; four sisters, Hilda ransom Judith Cummings and Luverti Potts, all of Lumberton, Phyllis Yaw of Fairmont, nine grandchildren; and a great-grandchild.


Lowery, Mr. Daulmon, age 71

 D. February 26, 1983

Services: Biggs  Funeral Chapel, Lumberton, NC

Interment: Lumbee Memorial Gardens


He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Katie Lowery, his three sons, Mr. Daulmon Lowery Jr., Mr. Albert Lowery, and Mr. Larry Lee Lowery; his four daughters, Mrs. Phullis Yaw, Mrs. Hilda Rae Ransom, Mrs. Judith Cummings, and Mrs. Luvortie Potts; his three half/ brothers, Mr. Robert Brayboy, Mr. Danny Brayboy, and Mr. John Brayboy; his four sisters, Mrs. Mary Jean Seals, Mrs. Viola Cummings, Mrs. Ellen Oxendine, and Mrs. Iola Ransom; 26 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, and a host of relatives and friends.


Lowery, Katie Locklear, age 91 of 451 Odum Road

B.                              D.  Saturday, December 27, 2003 in Beverly Healthcare

Services:  Victory Holiness Church

Interment:  Lumbee Memorial Gardens


She is survived by two sons, Larry Lowery of the home and the Rev.

Daulmon Lowery, Jr., of Maxton; four daughters, Hilda Ransom, Judith Cummings, Luvertie “Lou” Potts, all of Lumberton, NC and Phyllis Yaw of Fairmont; two brothers, Wallace Locklear of Pennsylvania and Rosco Locklear of Virginia; three sisters, Lucila Bennett of Lumberton, Dollie Lowry of Rowland, NC and Margaret Lerner of Potomac Maryland; 30 grandchildren; 62 great-grandchildren; and four great-great-grandchildren.



Lowery, Mr. Ras, age 89

D. February 7, 1983 at the Va Hospital In Fayetteville, NC

Services:  Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church

Interment:  Lowery’s Family Cemetery


He is survived by his wife:  Mrs. Telitha Lowery, of Lumberton, NC.  Five sons:  Mr. Thomas Lowery, of Rowland, NC., Mr. Donald Lowery, of Ohio, Mr. Luther Lowery, Mr. Kenneth Lowery, Mr. Joseph Lowery, all of Lumberton, NC, Six daughters; Mrs. Ethel Revels, of Pembroke, NC, Mrs. Hazel Johnson, Mrs. Mazel Collins, Mrs. Annie Dale Hunt, Mrs. Beulah Lowery, all of Lumberton, NC, Mrs. Cletus Oxendine, of Fayetteville, NC, two brothers; Mr. Russell Locklear, of Lumberton, NC, Mr. Chester Lowery, of Pembroke, NC, Two sisters; Mrs. Molly Lowery, Mrs Sara Lowery, both of Pembroke, NC, Forty-six grandchildren, and seventy-seven great grandchildren, four great-great grandchildren and a host of friends and relatives.


Lowry, Mr. Abner

B. October 26, 1862; D. July 26, 1944

Interment:  Hopewell Methodist Church Cemetery, Rowland, NC

He was laid to rest between his two wives.


With his first late wife he had the following children: Cottie Aurelia Lowry born February 19, 1891; Plummer W. Lowry, born November 27, 1892; Burta I. Lowry, born February 1, 1895; O. H. Elery Lowry, born October 1, 1897; Zeb Abner Lowry, born December 29, 1898.


He was married to Mrs. Rosa E. Bell Lowry February 6, 1905.  Their children were:  Ira Pate Lowry B. March 5, 1906; Lula M.B. Lowry, October 16, 1907; Carlee Stetson Lowry, April 15, 1910; Bernard Steal Lowry, July 21, 1912; Theodore McClain Lowry, April 5, 1914; Prebble M. Lowry, November 7, 1916; Jason Brisco Lowry May 16, 1919; Baby Lowry August 26, 1921 and died January 31, 1922, age 5 months and 5 days; Eunice Hazel Lowry, April 3, 1923; Bernice Amelia Lowry, September 1, 1925.


His son, Carlee Stetson had his throat operated on March 15-16 and it cost $35 at the L.M. West Hospital in Fayetteville.


This is a quote from Mr. Abner Lowry’s own hand:

“This is an age of Prayers.  We see its flag floating over every department of human industry”.


Mr. Abner Lowry was the son of Rev. Calvin Lowry ( B. 1838 and died June 9, 1892, age about 54) and  Mariah Sampson Lowry (B. March 17,1839 and died March 16, 1908 age 69)  who died after her husband.  As a widow she was left to care for four children:  Edmond B. June, 1874; Doctor Fuller B. 1881; Nancy B. Nov. 1878; Mariah B. 1882.  All members of the family could read and write and Edmond was a school teacher.  Rev. Calvin Lowry was a brother of Henry Berry Lowry.  Other brothers of Henry Berry Lowry were: Rev. Patrick Lowry,  Methodist minister and Justice of the Peace, died Nov. 17, 1892, Purdy Lowry died March 1892,  Sinclair Lowry, B. 1827 and died at about 97 years old ( Sinclair’s wife was Lizar J, B. July, 1839 and lived to be about 95) and James W. Lowry who was born in 1835 and lived to be about 96.   In a book kept by Mr. Abner Lowry he also lists Marshall Maxwell who died September 27, 1854 and Irwin G----died April 28 185-.  He also lists the following:  Elder A. M.C. L.  Moore died June 16, 1896, his grandmother Sampson died November 19, 1897, Aaron Moore died April 4, 1905, Mariah C. Moore died February 12, 1907, Mariah C. Lowry died March 16, 1908, J.H. Sampson died November 10, 1907, Molly Sampson died September 15, 1919, Uncle J.W. Lowry died January 17, 1926, Aaron Lowry died October 17, 1936, Aunt Purt died January 5, 1938 age about 98 or 99.


The Family of The Late Mr. Calvin Lowry and his wife Mariah Sampson Lowry


Children  as found in the census for 1900/ fraction indicates the amount of “White” blood.


 Lowry, Henry, Head, January 10, 1859, age 41, Married, 0

Lowry, Julie, Wife,  June, 1869, Married 30, ½

Lowry, John A. B., Son, June, 1890, 9, Single, ½

Lowry, Walter A., Son, Oct., 1893, 6, Single, ½

Lowry, Stella, I.M., Daughter, Sept., 1894, 4, Single, ½

Lowry, Violer S., Daughter, June, 1897, 2, Single, ½

Lowry, Bernard, Son, Feb., 1900, 3/12, Single, ½

Owns farm.   Household head and spouse can read and write.


Lowery, French, Head, April, 1869, 31, Married, ½

Lowery, Annabele, Wife, April, 1872, 28, Married, ½

Lowery, William T., Son, Dec., 1894, 5, Single, ½

Lowery, Lue C.,  Daughter, Nov., 1896, 3, Single, ½

Lowery, Grayham, Son, March, 1898, 2, Single, ½

Owns, farm.  Household head and spouse.  Can read and write.


Lowery, Abner, Head, Dec., 1859, 40, Married, ½

Lowery, Josephine, Wife, Feb., 1873, 27, Married, ½

Lowery, Lottie A., Daughter, Feb., 1891, 9, Single, ½

Lowery, Plummer, W. D., Son, Nov., 1892, 7, Single, ½

Lowery, Berata I., Daughter, Feb., 1895, 5, Single, ½

Lowry, Oh E., Son,  Sept., 1897, 3, Single, ½

Lowery, Zeb A., Son, Dec., 1899, 1, Single, ½

Owns farm.  Can read and write.


Lowry, Cannady, Head, Feb., 1867, 39, Married, 0

Lowry, Peggie D., Wife, April, 1868, Married, 0

Lowry, James R., Son, Oct., 1889, 10, Single, 0

Lowry, Martin L. Son, June, 1891, 8, Single, 0

Lowry, Martha L., Daughter, Aug., 1894, 5, Single, 0

Lowry, Purley L., Daughter, May, 1896, 4, Single, 0

Lowry, Mariah L., Daughter, Dec., 1897, 2, Single, 0

Lowry, Babe, Daughter, Nov., 1900, 6/12, Single, 0

Owns farm.  Can read and write.


In 1900 Calvin had passed away and his widow and the following children were left at home:


Lowery, Mariah, Head, Nov., 1838, 62, Widow, 0

Lowery, Edmond, Son, June, 1874, 25, Single, 0

Lowery, Doctor, Son, Jan., 1881, 19, Single, 0

Lowery, Nancy, Daughter, Nov., 1878, 21, Single, 0

Lowery, Mariah, Daughter, Nov., 1882, 17, Single, 0

Lowery, Mariah, Daughter, Nov., 1882, 17, Single, 0

Owns farm.  All family members can read and write.  Edmond is a School Teacher.


Calvin Lowry  left the following will:


CALVIN C. LOWRY,  Bk. 4, pp. 14-17, Lumberton, NC

Dated:  October 23, 1888

Probated:  August 2 and 7, 1893

C.C.: C.B. Townsend

Wife: 100 acres to include mansion house – all out houses and other improvements, horse, buggy, wagon, one white sow, seven shoats and all the cattle except the oxen.

To each of the twelve children: 2 acres on the Wilson Short Cut Rail Road – the Title of the two acres to remain in the family forever.

Balance of land to remain undivided until youngest child Marrah becomes age 21.

Three youngest Sons:  French Lowry, Edmund Lowry and Doctor Fuller Lowry will not be twenty one years old until 1902 and youngest daughter Four – Deborah Lowry, Susan Lowry, Nancy Lowry and Mariah Lowry will not arrive at the full age of twenty one years until 1905.

Sons:  Henry H. Lowry, William Lowry and Abner appointed Guardians

Executors:  H.H. Lowry, William Lowry, Abner Lowry

Wit.: A.C. Bridgers, J.M.Lowry    Signed:  Calvin C. Lowry


Lowry, Adna V.

B. December 1,1914; D. September 12,1972

Services:  Berea Baptist Church, Pembroke, NC

Interment: Family Cemetery near St. Anna Church


He leaves his wife Letha Mae Jacobs whom he married on January 28, 1938.  Three children were born to Adna and Letha Mae: Adna Jr., who died on June 19, 1971; Linda who resides in Pembroke, and Craig who resides at home.  Six grandsons: Anthony Ray and Richard Dwayne Locklear, Victor Ray, Vinton Jay, Danny Dexter and Billy Dearl Lowry will inherit Adna’s legacy of service.  He is mourned by his wife, mother-in-law, Mrs. Katie Jacobs, who made her home with the Lowry family; and by a sister, Mrs. Leona Carter; brothers: Harold, Merlin, Orville, Vincent, Hughes, Dulin, Dorsey, and Osborne; his uncles: Braddy, Claude, and Clennie, and his aunts:  Rosie Deese and Corrina Sampson.


Lowry, Mr. Auzout Granford

B. December 30, 1910; D. June 30, 1978

Services:  Hopewell Methodist Church, Rowland, NC

Interment: Hopewell Methodist Church Cemetery, Rowland, NC


He was the son of Mr. Edmund Lowry, B. June 29, 1973 ; D. April 4, 1956 and Mrs. Sallie Hatcher Lowry B. December 3, 1886 D. May 7, 1926.  His parents married June 24, 1903 at the home of the bride.  The service was conducted by the Rev. W.L. Moore.  He later married Ethel Lowry and was blessed with four daughters and eight grandchildren.  The daughters are: Barbara J. Lowry and Gala A. Deese of Rowland, NC; Cencia Ned Timmons of Bremerton, Wash.; Carol O. Lowry of Spartanburg, SC.  The grandchildren are:  Kenton, Jo Ann, Teresa and Christina Lowry; Karen and Carmen Deese: Iris and Patrick Timmons.  He is also survived by six sisters and one brother: Zenobia cummings who married Lacy Cummings, Vivian Lowry who married Andrew Carl Lowry, Velma Mae who married Jimmy Maynor, Helen Neil who married Vardell Miller of Pembroke, NC, Latha Dale who married John Clay of San Jose, Calif., Lystra Pauline L. who married Wilton Oxendine of Maxton, NC, Varcer Clinton who married Berneice Blue Lowry of Towson, Md. And a host of relatives and friends.


Lowry, Mr. Bernard Franklin Steal, age 85 and Mrs. Lillie Mae Strickland Lowry, age 80

Bernard: B. July 21, 1912; D. February 16, 1997

Lillie Mae: B. January 14, 1915; D. March 27, 1995

Services: First United Methodist Church Pembroke, NC

Interment: Hopewell Cemetery, Robeson County, NC


Bernard was the son of the late Abner and Rose Lowry.  He was the 9th child in a family of 16 children.  He was preceded in death by his wife, Lillie Mae Strickland Lowry, two sons:  Gerald and Gary Lowry, a granddaughter, Donnette Rose Lowry and eight brothers and sisters.  He was a retired principal and teacher from the Robeson County School System, a former magistrate, worked with the Boy Scouts, member of the Pembroke Kewanias and retired farmer and businessman.  He was also an active member of the First United Methodist Church, which he joined in 1938, where he taught Sunday school.


He is survived by a son, Bernard F. “Bob” Lowry, Jr. of Rowland, NC; two daughters, Joan Lowry of Pembroke and Lillian R. Strickland of Raleigh; two brothers, Jason Lowry and Theodore Lowry; four sisters: Lula Yearicks, Prebble Oxendine, Eunice Young and Bernice Lowry Webb, 11 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.


Mrs. Lillie Mae Strickland Lowry was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Pettiway Strickland.  She was preceded in death by 3 brothers and one sister.  She has a sister, Mae Rae Jacobs of Hamlet, NC and a brother, Taft Strickland of Lauringburg.  She worked at the “College Esso”, Pembroke State College Cafeteria, and the Lumber River council of Governments as program director of the Senior Citizens Lunch Program, a job she held until she retired.  She was also very active in the First United Methodist Church and the

United Methodist Women Organization.


Lowry, Mr. Brady, age 90

B. October 14, 1906; D. May 5, 1997 at Duke University medical Center in Durham

Services: First United Methodist Church Pembroke, NC

Interment: St.  Annah Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery, Robeson County, NC


His mother was the late Ms. Elizabeth Lowry.  He is survived by his wife  of 64 years, Mrs. Eva H. Lowry of the home.; a daughter; Susan L. Oxendine, a son: Thomas W. Lowry, a son-in-law: Henry W. Oxendine; a daughter-in-law: Maxine B. Lowry, all of Pembroke; five grandchildren: Brittany Somer Oxendine, Stacy Chanel Oxendine, Joseph Brad Oxendine, Ina Kylene Lowry and Jessica Lynn, all of Pembroke, NC.


Lowry, B. W. died January 27, 1961; 100 years old


Lowry, Calvin

B. July 24, 1903; D. April 6, 1996

Services:  Hopewell Holiness Methodist Church

Interment: Hopewell Cemetery, Robeson County, NC


His parents were the Rev. and Mrs.  Cannady Lowry.  He married Dora J. Hunt and they had two children, C.C. Lowry of St. Charles, Missouri and Doreen Lowry of Sunset Beach, NC.  Also, he leaves one sister Phoda Lowry of Ft. Stuart, Florida.


Lowry, Mrs. Cammie Locklear

B. October 19, 1900; D. January 7, 1994

Services: Pembroke First United Methodist Church

Interment: Lumbee Memorial Gardens, Pembroke, NC


“Miss Cam” and her husband, Mr. Martin Luther Lowry, raised 10 children, who gave them 27 grandchildren, 18 great-grandchildren and 2 great-great-grandchildren.  She is survived by five sons:  Dr. Otis Lowry of Spring Hope, NC, Nr. Garnett K. Lowry of Pembroke, NC, Mr. Martin L. Lowry Jr. of Glen Burnie, Md., Mr. Charles Lowry of

Berryville, Va. and Mr.  Truett Lowry of Manassas, Va.  Four daughters:  Mrs. Eulalia R. Williams of Danville, Va., Mrs. Daphne D. Jones and Mrs. Maxine L. Chavis both of Pembroke, NC, and Mrs. Shirley L. Lowry of Hillsborough, NH.  She was preceded in death by her son:  Mr. Glenn H. Lowry of Baltimore, Md.


Lowry, Carlee S. Lowry, age 78

  1. April 15, 1910; D. May 9, 1988

Services:  French Mortuary, Wyoming Blvd. Chapel, 7121 Wyoming Blvd. NE.

Interment:  Sunset Memorial Park


He is survived by his wife, Dorothy Locklear Lowry, daughter, Mary Meztger and husband; four sons, Tony Lowry and wife; Carl Lowry and wife; Shelly Lowry and wife; Christopher; and eight grandchildren with one more grandchild on the way.


He was born in Elrod, North Carolina, one of fourteen children in a reconstituted family.  (YMO) After graduating from high school he began his teaching career at age seventeen.  He attended William and Mary College during the summer months and then on to Methodist College Illinois where he graduated in 1936.  He taught and was principal of public schools for some 23 years.  He then earned his Masters degree from Western Carolina College in North Carolina and began his work with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in South Dakota as a Boys Advisor.  He also served in Phoenix and Keams Canyon, Arizona and was later transferred to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1972.  He retired in 1979 but couldn’t sit still and so continued working several jobs, most recently with Job Corps.  He was a very active family man who emphasized the importance of church and home.  He also became very active in Boy Scouting and eventually became Scout Commissioner. 


Carlee was a determined man perhaps boardering on workaholism.  He always worked with entensity until the job was done.  He was a leader and a make-it-happen kind of person.  He was no slouch and even insisted on wearing a shirt and tie under his coveralls when working.  He could make people laugh and was often the “Life of the party”.  He always had to be doing something.  Even on days when he was just hanging around the store where his son Shelley was manager, he would busy himself selling merchandise to the customers.  One day Shelley’s supervisor asked, “Who is that man over there?”  To which Shelley gave a reassuring “Oh, that’s my dad!”  His beloved wife, Dorothy said it best for the whole family, “We’re going to miss him!”


He was retired from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and a member of Albuquerque Job Corps. 


Lowry, Mr. Claude

  1. March 11, 1899; D. January 7, 1993 at his home in Pembroke, NC


Services Locklear and Son Funeral Home Chapel Saturday January 9, 1993 at 2:00 pm

Interment: Lowry Family Cemetery


He was a son of the late Ms. Elizabeth Lowry of Pembroke, NC.  He is survived by six sons:  Mr. Claude, Jr. of Columbia, SC, Mr. Dolvin of Lumberton, NC, Mr. Alvin of Festus, MO., Mr. H. Richard of Winston Salem, NC, Mr. Wayne of Orlando, Fla., and mr. William of Pembroke.  Seven daughters:  Mrs. Inez Dial of Pembroke, NC, Mrs. Sarah Woodliff of Winston Salem, NC, Mrs. Jacqueline Glass of Charlotte, NC, Mrs. Altha Whitehead of Trinity, NC, Mrs. Jo Ellen Worrell of Kernersville, NC, Mrs. Elaine Strickler of Mt. Holly, NC and Mrs. Eleanor Otten of Charlotte.  One brother:  Mr. Brady Lowry of Pembroke.  Twenty-five grandchildren and twenty-two great-grandchildren and a host of relatives and friends.


He was preceded in death by his wife of 65 years, Mrs. Sarah Eliza; a son, Robert and a daughter, Miss Aver.


Mr. Claude was a life-long farmer, who also taught school, managed the Red Banks Farms, supervised construction of crews at Ft. Bragg, taught  agriculture to returning veterans of WWII and the Korean War.  He was an avid historian who enjoyed discussing religion, politics, geography and genealogy.  He was a charter member of Green Pines Freewill Baptist Church.




Lowry, Rev. D.F.

  1. January 8, 1881; D. 1977

Services:  First United Methodist Church, Pembroke, NC

Interment:  Lumbee Memorial Gardens


He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Lowry and began his education at age six when he entered Sarah Dial School. He graduated from the Normal School at Pates and became the first recipient of a diploma from the school.  Rev. Lowry attended Piedmont Business College in Lynchburg, Va., the University of Chattanooga and Duke University Pastor’s School.  Rev. Lowry became a Methodist minister in 1913.  He was a rural mail carrier from 1919 until 1949, and was a trustee of Pembroke State University for more than 20 years.  He was a consultant for the Lumbee Brotherhood, was principal of Union Chapel school 1918-1919, and worked two years as manager of Pembroke Supply Company.  He was a charter member of the Historic drama Association and served on the board of Directors for the outdoor drama, “STRIKE AT THE WIND” .  Ten new churches were built under Rev. Lowry’s leadership and at one time Rev. Lowry served five Methodist churches in Robeson, Bladen, and Richmond Counties simultaneously.  The D.F. Lowry Student center at Pembroke State University was named in his honor in 1965.  He was noted as being instrumental in bringing about the passage of legislation affecting the Lumbee Indians in 1953-56.  In his lifetime, Rev. Lowry distinquished himself as a husband, father, leader, founder, minister emeritus of the First Methodist Church in Pembroke, NC and friend.


Lowry, Mrs.  Dorothy Jean, age 83, had been a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico since 1972.  She died peacefully in Peachtree City Ga. While in hospice care.

B. Sunday, April 3, 1927 in Lumberton, NC; D. Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Services: French – Lomas Chapel

Interment: Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery, Albuquerque, New Mexico


She was preceded in death by her husband of 44 years, Carlee S. Lowry.  Mrs. Lowry is survived by her five children; Tony Lowry of Prescott, AZ; Carl Lowry of Peachtree City, GA; Shelley Lowry of Phoenix AZ; Mary Rose Metzger of Castalian Springs, TN; and Christopher Lowry of Pearland, TX.  Extended family includes 15 grandchildren and numerous great grandchildren.  Dorothy led an active lifestyle and exercised her many talents.  She will be sincerely missed by her family and friends. 


Lowry Sr., Mr. Dorsey Van, 

B. February 13,1920; D. January 9,1992 at Duke University Medical Center

Services:  First United Methodist Church Pembroke, NC

Interment: Berea Baptist Church Cemetery, Pembroke, NC


He was married to his second wife, Esther Carter Lowry, at the time of his death and they resided in Pembroke, NC.  Mrs. Gola Blue Lowry was his first wife.  He is survived by four sons: Dorsey Van Lowry, Jr., Charlotte, NC, Dr. Wade Lewis Lowry, Beauford, Texas, James Felton Lowry, Atlanta, Ga., and Harry B. Lowry, Morganton, NC., four step-daughters: Jeanette Maynor, Lumberton, NC, Wanda Hunt, Pembroke, NC, Marilyn Hunt, Rt. 6, Lumberton, NC, Carolyn Revels , Rowland, NC, and one step-son: Mitchell Carter, Jr., Cereve Crour, Illinois.  Four brothers: Vincent Lowry, Pembroke, NC, Harold Lowry, Pembroke NC, Merlin Lowry, Pembroke, NC and Hughes Dulin Lowry, Pembroke, NC and 14 grandchildren and a host of relatives and friends.


Lowry, Mr. Elmer Theodore

B. September 4, 1906; D. September 30, 1986

Services: Hopewell Methodist Church, Rowland, NC

Interment: Hopewell Methodist Church Cemetery, Rowland, NC


He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Vera M. Lowry, one son, E.T. Lowry, Jr., both of Route 1, Rowland, NC, one brother, telford Lowry of Sweetwater, Tenn., and a host of relatives and friends.


Lowry Jr. , Mr. E. T., age 45 of Union School road, Rowland, NC

B. November 18, 1952 in Scotland County, NC; D. September 10, 1998 at his residence

Services: Revels Funeral Home Chapel

Interment: Hopewell Methodist Church Cemetery


His parents were the late Mr. Elmer Theodore Lowry and  Mrs. Vera  Maynor  Lowry.  He attended UNC –Chapel Hill and UNC-Pembroke.  He is survived by two aunts, Ms. Fossie M. Ludlum and Ms. Alice M. Newton of Los Alamitos, California.




Lowry, Mrs. Fannie, age 85

B. October 30, 1907; D. January 28, 1993

Services:  First Baptist Church, Pembroke, NC

Interment: Lumbee Memorial Gardens


Mrs. Fannie was the wife of the late Mr. Zeb A. Lowry, Sr. and the daughter of the late Mr. Luther and Mrs. Mary Novella Maynor.  She is survived by five sons:  Mr. Gene A. “Bill” Lowry, Mr. Zeb “Bud” Lowry, Jr., Mr. Earl Joyce Lowry, Mr. Dennis D. Lowry all of Charlotte, NC and Mr. Bracy Felton “Jack” Lowry of Lebanon, Tn.  Two sisters:  Mrs. Fossie Ludlum and Mrs. Alice Neuton both of Los Alimitos, Ca.  Twenty grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren and a host of relatives and friends.


Lowry, Mrs. Florence, age 70

D. March 26, 1979

Services:  Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church

Interment: Lowry Cemetery


Mrs. Lowry is survived by her husband, Stebbin; three daughters, Mrs. Clyde Locklear (Margaret) of High Point, NC, Mrs. Larry Willits (Eilene) of Burnswick, Ohio and Mrs. Donald Chavis (Karen) of Rowland, NC; five sons, Lee Edward, Curley of Cleveland, Ohio, Stebbin, Jr. of Burnswick, Ohio, Earnie of Rowland, NC and Arnold of Concord, NC; four sisters, Mrs. Julie Clark, Mrs., Bertha Oxendine, Mrs. Ellen Dial and Mrs. Winnie Bell Chavis; two brothers, James and Martin Luther Oxendine; thirty-one grandchildren, eleven great-grandchildren.


Lowry, Mr. Fred, age 73

B. October 16, 1919; D. June 30,1993

Services:  First United Methodist Church, Pembroke, NC

Interment: Hopewell Methodist Church, Robeson County, NC


He is survived by his faithful companion, best friend, Lucille Lowry, one daughter, Jackie Blevins; and one grandson, David Blevins.  He also leaves behind a stepmother, Phelia Lowry; two brothers, Earl Lowry and Bruce Lowry; and a sister, Ouida Bailey.


Lowry, Rev. F.R., age 102

B. April 11, 1869; D. July 6, 1971

Services:  First United Methodist Church of Pembroke, NC

Interment: Hopewell Methodist Church Cemetery


He was a farmer, taught school for thirty years, and  preached the word of God for seventy-five years.  Rev. Lowry is survived by one sister, Mrs. Nancy L. Revels; one brother Rev. D.F. Lowry, three sons, Rev. Talmadge Lowry, W.Q. Lowry, B. March, 1898, Jesse Edens Lowry, six daughters, Mrs. John Coats, Mrs. John L. Locklear, Mrs. Rosa Raines, Mrs. Annie Pearl Jacobs, Mrs. Herman Hunt, and Mrs. Bertha Lucus—forty-four grandchildren, one hundred and sixty-six great grand children and fifty great-great grandchildren.  Praise to God!

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