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Olivia's Genealogy Site: Bell

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This Web page is based on research of records known to be valid from  State records,  Federal records, manuscripts, and private papers. These records are land records, wills, and financial  transactions center on  the roots of the Bell family.

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1734, January 29:  John Bell (executor), Archibald Bell, George Bell, Robert Bell, Penelope Bell listed as friends in John Clementís will in Bertie Precinct Jan. 2, 1734, pg. 74.  Abstract of N.C. Wills 1690-1760.

1749  Samuel Bell was born May, 1749 in Surry County Va.  He moved to Sampson Co. before the revolution .  He fought in the revol. and about 1807 he and his family moved to Robeson Co., N.C.  Hardy Bell was Samuelís son.  Samuel died in the 1830ís.  Samuel Bell served in the Revolutionary War.  He applied for his pension August 31, 1832.  Information found in Revolutionary War Pension files, Vol. I.  He is also listed as a patriot in the Daughters of Revolutionary War records (DAR)

1776 In Volume XXII of the North Carolina State Records, pages 56 and 57, it appears that the following Indians of Robeson County, NC received a pension from the Government for service in the Revolutionary War:  John Brooks(He was granted a pension by the United States Government for services and issued 160 acres of bounty lands---See warrant No. 80030), James Brooks, Berry Hunt, Thomas Jacobs, Michael Revells, Richard Bell, SAMUEL BELL, Primas Jacobs, Thomas Cummings, and John Hammond, these pensions having been granted under the Federal acts of 1818 and 1832.

1781-1785   State Records N.C. Vol. XVII, 1781-1785; published 1899, p. 1054

Payroll Capt. Alexander Whitehall; Company of the 1st. NC Regiment Militia commanded by col. Samíl Jarvis

#24 Robert Bell (private)

1782  Census Surry County, Va.

Benjamin Bell 7 White and 4 Black

Jacob Bell 5 White and 0 Black

Robert Bell 7 White and 2 Black

Silviah Bell 10 White and 7 Black

Stephen Bell 6 White and 0 Black

1788  Wills Lumberton, Robeson Co., N.C.:  John Bell and John Bullard Sr.  Devisee:  Mary Bell probated 1788 Book 1 pg. 16; Jonathan Bullard 1782 Book 1 pg. 18 and Elizabeth Bullard 1782 Book 1 pg. 18.

1790  Federal Census Sampson County, N.C.

Samuel Bell;  head of family of 10; listed as other; Vol. 2 p.118 microfilm; National Archives

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1800 Sampson Co. Index N.C. Census

Samuel Bell listed on page 509

1810 Robeson Co., N.C. Index N.C. Census

Samuel Bell listed on page 234

1820 Census of Robeson Co., N.C.

Samuel Bell (This could possibly be Hardy Bellís father or grandfather).  He was listed as Indian.

Hardy  Bell--listed as Indian.

1830 Robeson Co., NC Census Index

Hardy Bell is listed on page 260.

1840 Robeson Co., NC Census Index

Hardy Bell listed page 188


"Hardy Bell's Town- -"The Bell family lived on Saddle Tree Swamp, some ten or twelve miles from Lumberton, NC on the old stage road from Lumberton to Fayetteville.  One of the family, namely:  HARDY BELL, moved to Lumberton about 1840, and commenced merchandising.  He succeeded in this line of business very well until he died.  For several years he was the most prominent merchant in Lumberton, Lumberton being called in Robeson 'Hardy Bell's town,' as a burlesque.  Both Hardy and wife Nancy came from Sampson County, NC and their children married Indians.

1850 Robeson Co., NC Census Index

Hardy Bell listed on page 373

1854 Seemore Bell and Eliza Hamans married March 30, 1854.  Witnesses: Jonathan Revels, Quinny Godwin Sdh(?) Howell.  Marriage Records, Robeson Co. Courthouse, Lumberton, N.C.

1854 Willie (Wilie) Bell and Martha Ann Conner married March 8, 1854.  Marriage Records, Robeson Co. Courthouse, Lumberton, N.C.  Witnesses:  Hardy H. Bell and Sdh Howell.

1860 Robeson Co., NC Census Index Vol. I A-K

Hardy Bell listed on page 913

1860 HARDY BELL was a farmer and merchant in Robeson County, NC.  His property was valued at $14,000 in 1860.  "The Free Negro in North Carolina 1790-1860, p. 157, John Hope Franklin 1943"

1862 Amos Bell  and Caroline Hamans were married April 10, 1862.  Marriage Records, Robeson Co. Courthouse, Lumberton, N.C.

1866 Amos Bell and Catherine Revels August 16, 1866--married.  Marriage Records, Robeson Co. Courthouse, Lumberton , N.C.

1869 W.H. Bell and Rebecca Woodell married Jan. 25, 1869.  Marriage Records, Robeson Co. Courthouse, Lumberton, N.C.

1870 Robeson Co., NC Census Index Vol. I A-F

Amos Bell listed as living in Lumberton twp; age 37 and married.

1870 Census of Robeson County; Town/Township Lumberton Twp.; June 23rd

Rows: 1 Sex; 2 Age; 3 Color; 4 Occupation; 5 Real Estate Value; 6 Personal Property; 7 Miscellaneous Info; 8 Cannot read or write; 9 Place of Birth

Bell, Amost 1 Male; 2 37; 3 M; 4 Farmer; 5 $600; 6 $300 7 NC

Bell, Catherine Revels 1 Female; 2 26; 3 M; 4 K.H.; 8 Yes; 9 NC

Bell, Nancy 1 Female; 2 3; 3 M; 9 NC

Bell, Duncan 1 Male; 2 1; 3 M; 9 NC

1878 Hardy H Bell (21) and Narcissus Hammonds (18) married on March 21, 1878 in Howellsville TWP  Witnesses:  George Baxley, B. Baxley and John H. Hammonds.  Marriage Records, Robeson Co. Courthouse, Lumberton, N.C.

1880 Census of Robeson County; Town/Township St. Pauls; June 22nd

Rows: 1 Sex; 2 Age;3 Color;4 Relationship to Head;5 single;6 Married; 7 widowed ;8 Divorced;9 Occupation;10 Cannot read or write; 11 Place of  birth;12 Place of father's birth;13Place of mother's birth

Bell, Amos 1 male; 2 42; 3 M; 4 Head;6 Married;9Farmer;11 NC.;12 NC;13NC

Bell, Catherine 1 Female; 2 34; 3 M; 4 Wife; 6 Married; 9 K.H.; 11 NC;12 NC; 13 NC

Bell, Nancy 1 Female; 2 12; 3 M; 4 Daughter; 5 Single; 9 At home; 11 NC; 12 NC; 13 NC

Bell, Duncan 1 Male; 2 11; 3 M; 4 Son; 5 Single; 9 Works on farm; 11 NC; 12 NC; 13 NC

Bell, Malendy 1 Female; 2 9; 3 M; 4 Daughter; 5 Single; 11 NC;12 NC; 13 NC

Bell, Ellen 1 Female; 2 9; 3 M; 4 Daughter; 11 NC; 12 NC; 13 NC

Bell, Semore 1 Male; 2 3; 3 M; 4 Son; 11 NC; 12 NC; 13 NC

Bell, Warren 1 Male; 2 11/12; 3 M; 4 Son July; 11 NC; 12 NC; 13 NC



1899 Duncan Bell (30) and M.J. Mitchell (18) married July 16, 1899 in the Howellsville TWP--Witnesses:  William Revels and William Freeman.  Marriage Records, Robeson Co. Courthouse, Lumberton, N.C.

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1900 Census of Robeson Co., N.C.

Amos Bell head 63 married

Catherine Revels Bell wife 55

Seamor son Aug. 1876 single

Rosa daughter 18 single

Aretta daughter 15 single

Owns a mortaged farm.  Can read and write.  His wife cannot do either.  Seamore makes turpentine.  All are listed as 1/2 White.

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Virginia law in 1705:  Mulatto was defined:  "who shall be accounted Mulatto:  Be it (etc.) that the child of an Indian, and the child, grandchild, or great grandchild of a Negro shall be deemed, accounted, held, and taken to be a Mulatto".

 N.C. tax law enacted in 1749 does not mention Indian and made it hard for part Indian to "become White", requiring four generations instead of Virginia's one.  The law also showed how a woman's status went form "non-taxed" to "taxed" when she married someone of mixed blood.  The law defined taxables as: 

  1. All and every White person male 16 and up.
  2. All Negroes, Mulattoes, Mustees, male or female, and all persons of mixt blood.
  3. All White persons intermarrying with any Negro, Mulatto, or Mustee, or other person of mixt blood.



I.                    Samuel Bell was born in Surry County, Virginia, in May 1749.  He was living in Sampson County, North Carolina, in February 1782 when he volunteered in Captain Coleman's Company under Major Griffith McRae and Colonel Lytle.  He marched to Wilmington, to Georgetown, and to Charleston,but was never in any engagement.  After the war, he lived in Sampson County until about1807 when he moved to Robeson County where applied for and was granted a pension on 31 August 1832 (M804-0207, frame 0489).  He was head of a Sampson County household of 10 "other free" in 1790, 15 in 1800 (NC:509), 5 in Robeson County in 1810(NC:150), and 2 "free colored" in Robeson County in 1820 (NC:309). ( This information came from FREE AFRICAN AMERICANS OF NORTH CAROLINA BY Paul Heinegg page 41) Children:

i.                     Hardy H. Bell B. about 1786; D.  about 1866 about age 80; Buried in BARKER TEN MILE BAPTIST CHURCH in Robeson County, North Carolina.  He began purchasing land in Robeson County, North Carolina in 1819 and the last purchase was recorded in 1847 as the records show in the courthouse in Lumberton, N.C.  He bought several lots in Lumberton but most of the property was located in Ten Mile Swamp Section of East Saddletree Swamp and on Elizabethtown Road.  (This information was taken from GENEALOGY A PERSPECTIVE by Grady Locklear, February, 1989.  More details may be found there).  He married SARAH PARKER.  Their children were: 

a.         Eliza who married Nelson Smith  December 12, 1836.  Their children were:  Caroline, Jane, James H., Sarah, Hardy, Evander, William, John we, Mary E., Thomas A., and Patsy v.

b.       Harriet

c.        Helen

d.       Wiley Bell who married Martha Ann Conner on March 8, 1854.  Martha was B. June 22, 1828 and D.  January 20, 1910.  She is buried in BARKER TEN MILE BAPTIST CHURCH CEMETERY in Robeson County, N.C.  Their children were:  John J., Hardy H., Polly, and Andrew. 

1.         John J. Bell married Serenah (Rena) Carter, daughter of David Carter and Carolie Smith Carter on August 14, 1879.  Their children were Sahar Bell Burnette, Maggie, Martha, Winnie, Ella, Illa, Florie, Sam, and Curt.

2.       Hardy H. B. February 3, 1855; D.  April 30, 1921; married Narcissus Hammonds on March 21, 1878.  Following are two of their children:  William Ander and Warren Amos. 

A.        William Ander married Maggie Locklear on October 10, 1899.  His daughter Louise married Eutherd Locklear on January 1, 1943.  Louise and Eutherd Locklear's daughter Deanna married Alvin Ray Lowry in 1965.  Born to this marriage were Carla and Abner Lowry.

B.        Warren Amos married Catherine Revels.  Their children were:  Melinda, Rose, Arettie, Ducan, Seymore, James Warren, Nancy, and Mary Ellen. 


        Rose B. June 24, 1882;D. February 26, 1952 married Abner Lowry.  Their children were:  Lula, Ira Pate, Carl Lee, Bernard F., Theodore M., Prebble, Eunice, Jason and Bernice. 

Lula married Frank Yearicks; children Patsy and Betty Lou 

Ira Pate married Reba Milsaps from Tenn.; child Arlita (whole family deceased) 

Carl Lee married Dorothy Locklear; children;  Tony, Carl, Shelton, Rose and ? 

Bernard F. married Lillie Mae Strickland; Children;  Bernard (Bob), Joan, Lillian, and Gary (deceased).  

Theodore M. married Dollie Vivian Locklear; children:  Alvin Ray married Deanna Locklear and their children are Carla and Abner.  Abner married Stephanie Blanks and their children are Alex and Jameson, Olivia Schwartz who married Tommy Leroy Schwartz.  Their child Teresa Vivian married Jack Preston Thornton and their child is Theodore Preston Thornton, and Perry Christopher who married Carol Ann Locklear their children are Christina, Christopher and Matthew. 

Prebble married Heavard Dobber Oxendine; their children are Heavard Dobber and Bobbie Ann, 

Eunice married Berrang and their children are Diane, ?, and Billie. 

Jason married Roberta Hammonds.  Their children are:  H.B. and Jane. 

Bernice married Jack Webb.  No children. 


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