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Olivia's Genealogy Site: O'Berry

This Web page is based on research of records known to be valid from  State records,  Federal records, manuscripts, and private papers. These records are land records, wills, and financial  transactions center on  the roots of the O'Berry family.

Possible  spelling of O'Berry

O’Berry, O’Bery, Berry



1664  A  patent was entered in Henry Berry’s name in 1664 in a Caroline Co., Va. survey book.  Robert Faldo vs. Ralph Wormeley, William Taliaferro claims 600 acres of the Henry Berry patent of 1664 and survey made April 29, 1730.  WILLIAM AND MARY QUARTERLY VOL. 19  P. 168.


1676, Dec. 26:  Henry Berry of Rappahannock Co., Va.  Mr. Henry Berry and his eldest son, Henry Berry, executors.  Referred to John Butler’s will.  Va. Historical Mag. Vol. 5 p. 287


1650:   This was the year  Henry Berry arrived but county not given..EARLY VA. IMMIGRANTS P.32.


1670, Dec. 10:  Henry Berry Westmoreland Co., Va. order book page 333;;;William Storke, Att! for Henry Berry.  WILLIAM AND MARY QUARTERLY VOL.9 SERIES 2 P. 180.


1710. Oct. 6 and Oct 18:  Henry Berry was named in Lem Coxe’s will.   WILLIAM AND MARY



1745, Nov. 24:  HENRY OBERRY, 350 acres on E side of Cohera beginning at a pine in the fork of Smiths Swamp and, runs up the Rudy Marsh both sides for the complement (Pm out).


1747, March 15:  HENRY OBERRY 640 acres “ on the N side of Drowning Creek below the path” March 15, 1747 /Pd/P.M./ out/Wm out/


1748, October 8, 1748:  Pat. bk. 5 #3181 pg. 298 Henry Oberry 600 acres in Bladen Co., joining a Branch and the S side of Raft Swamp.  Colony of N.C. 1735-1764 Vol I.


1748, October 8:  Pat bk. 5 pg. 298.  Henry Oberry 300 acres Bladen Co., joining a branch S side of Raft Swamp.  Colony of N.C. 1735-1764 Vol. I.


1748, Oct. 8:  Henry Oberry of Bladen Co., N.C. S side of Raft Swamp 600 acres pat. to him Oct. 8, 1748; 300 acres in Bladen co., N.C. joining the fork of the PeeDee, p. 298;  300 acres in Bladen Co., N.

C. joining a Branch on the S side of Raft Swamp, p. 298.    ROYAL GOVERNOR GABRIEL JOHNSTON PATENT BOOK 5 P. 298.


1750, Oct. 8:  pp. 117-118:  Bladen Co., N.C.:  Solomon Johnston Senr. of  Co., afsd. for L20 proc. money to James Pace, 200 acres the upper part of a tract of 600 acres granted to HENRY OBERRY 8 Oct. 1750.  Solomon Johnston (S) (seal), Wit:  Richard Smith, Daniel Moody, prov. by Richard Smith, May court 1770.  Maturin Colvill, C.C.


1754, Feb. 20:  H. OBERRY 200 acres “about two mile below the land formerly survey’d and belonging to Wm Hall on Drowning Creek, entry 1035.


1754, Feb. 22:  H. OBERRY  500 acres “on Drowning Creek being the place formerly belonging to Wm Hall”, entry 1060.


1756, Sept 29: John Berry 150 acres in Duplin Co., N.C. on Little Cohere, joining Little Cohere Marsh and both sides of said Little Cohere.   ROYAL GOVERNOR ARTHUR DOBBS PATENT BOOK 15 P. 187.


1757, Nov. 26:  John Overstree 150 acres Cumberland Co., N.C. nigh Henry Oberry.  ROYAL GOVERNOR ARTHUR DOBBS PATNET BOOK 2 P. 162.


1772, July 13:  James Oberry mentioned as deeding land to Solomon Johnston on the S side of Raft Swamp court on this date.


1758, Oct. 8, pp. 135-136/ Jan. 1771, Solomon Johnston Jr. of Bladen Co., N.C., to Solomon Johnston Senr., of same, for L 50 proc. money.....200 acres on S side of East Swamp, part of 600 acres granted to HENRY OBERRY, 8 Oct. 1758....Solomon Johnston (T) (seal), Wit:  Richard Smith, James Pace (X), Prov. by Richard Smith, May Court 1771, Maturin Colville, C.C.


1761, April 10:  John Williamson 250 acres “on East side of Drowning Creek joining JAMES OBERRY’S line, entry 157.


1767, October 27:  Pat. bk. 23 #6296 pg. 166 a reference was made to acres joining Henry Oberry and others in Dobbs on the  S side of the Neuce River.  COLONY OF N.C. 1765-1775.


1771, Oct. 3, pp. 316-317:  Solomon Johnston of Parish of St. Mathew in the Prov. of Georgia, to Hugh Brown of Bladen Co., N.C. for L 60 proc. money.....land on S side Raft Swamp, part of 600 acres granted to HENRY OBERRY 8 Oct. 1748, and by deed from JAMES OBERRY  to Solomon Johnston....Solomon Johnston (seal), Wit:  THOMAS KERSEY, JAMES OBERRY, Thomas Meacham, Bladen Co., N.C. Court of 1771, prov.  by Thomas Caraway.  Maturin Colville, C.C.


1771, July 13, pp. 315-316:  Hugh Brown of N.C., planter, to Neill Brown, Taylor, for L60 proc. money....land on a branch the S side of the Raft Swamp, granted 8 Oct. 1748, and by deed from James Oberry to Solomon Johnston and by a deed from Solomon Johnston to Hugh Brown....Hugh Brown (seal), Wit:  Malcom Brice, Henry Smith, Bladen Co., N.C. Aug. Court 1772, prov. by Malcom Brice Maturin Colville CC.


1772, May, pp. 218-219:  N.C. Bladen Co., Joseph Fort for L32 proc. money, to JOHN GILCHRIST , planter, land on Mill Prong of Raft Swamp, part of a survey to me granted Dec. 1770, adj. Obery’s (sic, for Oberry’s) patent, John McCainey’s, 150 acres--23 April 1772.  Joseph Fort (seal), Wit:  Hugh Brown, John McCrainey.  Ack. in Open Court May term 1772. Maturin Colevill, C.C.


1774, July 16:  Council held in New Bern on this date-----on application of Thomas McReid ordered resurvey on Henry Oberry’s land in Bladen Co.---return next court and that Thomas Kersey be ordered to attend.  Colonial Records of N.C. 2nd series Vol. IX.  Records of the Executive Council 1755-1775.


1782, April 4:  Henry Berry is on a list of people who furnished horses and other aids to American Revolution Army in King George Co., Va.  TYLER’S QUARTERLY MAG. VOL.5 P.55.


1789, May 18:  LG #1433 to Ann Buie, 50 acres in Bladen Co., N.C. on S side of Richland Swamp, adj Solomon’s pond, Patrick Smith and Obery.  Pat. 18 May 1789.  (A-351)





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