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This Web page is based on research of records known to be valid from  State records,  Federal records, manuscripts, and private papers. These records are land records, wills, and financial  transactions center on  the roots of the Sweat family.

Possible  spelling of Sweat

Sweat, Sweet, Swett, Sweatt

SWEAT/SWEET: “ This name is derived from the old English word SWETU, SWOT, and when applied to an infant as a name had the meaning “kind, gentle.”

Individual surnames originated for the purpose of specific identification.  The four primary sources for second names were occupation, location, father’s name or personal characteristics.  The surnamd SWEAT appears to be both patronymical and characteristic in origin, and is believed to be associated with the English, Russian and Dutch, meaning, “descendant of SWET (agreeable)”.

Different spellings of the same original surname are a common occurrence.  Dictionaries of surnames indicate probable spelling variations of SWEAT to be SWEET, SWEETE, SWETT, SWETTS, SWETS, SWETZ, SWEATMAN, SWEETMAN, SWETMAN, SWATMAN, SWETE, SWET, SWEATS,  and SWEATT.

According to Burke, the noted English genealogical authority, the SWETE or SWETT family was formerly of Trayne, England, in the time of Edward VI and subsequently of Oxton in the county of Devonshire which furnished many colonists to America.


Early immigrants from Great Britain to America by the name of Sweat, Swett,  Sweet, etfc. include:  John Swett, born Isle of Guernsey, 1590, admitted to the freedom of the Massachusetts colony, 18 May 1642, was one of the grantees of Newbury in 1642.  His son, Benjamin Swett, born as early as 1626, married Nov. 1647, Hester daughter of Peter Weare.  Capt. Benjamin Swett was an outstanding Indian fighter of the period, finally being killed along with sixty of his men in a hand-to-hand engageement at Scarborough, Maine in 1677.  Several generations of this family, many of whom were physicians, are traced out in a small family history, MEMENTOS OF THE SWETT FAMILY, published in Roxbury in 1851 by John Wingate Thornton.

William Sweat  to Boston, Mass, 1765 (PORT ARRIVALS AND IMMIGRANTS TO THE CITY OF BOSTON 1715-1716 by William H. Whitmore).

George Sweet to Virginia, 1653 (EARLY VIRGINIA IMMIGRANTS  by G.C. Greer).

William Sweet to Virginia, 1654 (EARLY VIRGINIA IMMIGRANTS by G.C. Greer).

John Sweet to Maryland and/or Virginia, 1740(ENGLISH CONVICTS IN COLONIAL AMERICA by Peter W. Coldham).

Robert Sweet to Virginia, 1623 (COLONIAL RECORDS OF VIRGINIA, 1874 by R.F. Walker). (THE ORIGINAL LISTS OF PERSONS OF QUALITY, etc. by Hotten).

Thomas Sweet to America, 1654-1663(BRISTOL AND AMERICA by R.S. Glover).

Thomas Sweet to Massachusetts, 1633-1634 (THE PLANTERS OF THE COMMONWEALTH by C.E. Banks).

William Sweet to America, 1761 (BRITISH DEPORTEES TO AMERICA by C.N. Smith).

Robert Swett to Virginia, 1638 (EARLY VIRGINAI IMMIGRANTS by G.C. Greer).

Robert Sweete listed in a muster of the Inhabitants of Va. in 1624 was aged 42 and came over in 1618 in the ship Neptune; held patented land in 1624.

Thomas Sweete to New England on the Mary and John of London, 1633.

John Sweet from Wales to Salem, Mass, c1630; later at Warwick or Kingston, RI; m at Newport, RI, Mary-------------(d 1681) or Elizabeth----------(d 1688).  (IMMIGRANT ANCESTORS by F.A. Virkus).

These were very early immigrants to Virgina from England.  Some moved to Western North  Carolina and married into the Cherokee tribe.  During the 1780’s amd 1790’s they were found in at least 8 N.C. counties.  It is believed that one of the South Carolina Sweat lines may have come from a German immigrant.  Sweat families, in the middle 1700s, were located in the mountain areas of Surry and Burke Counties, N.C..  (This was stated from an extraction from HISTORY OF SURRY CO., N.C.  by J.G. Hollingsworth, 1935).

Erbon W. Wise stated that the descendants of Ephraim and Gilbert Sweat, brothers who moved throught the Southern to Louisiana and Texas, possessed strong Indian characteristics and it is most likely that earlier Sweats, moving westward into the mountains from  the Eastern coast, took Indian brides as was commonly done by the early mountain men.  Early census and other records carry varied identifications but there seems to be little doubt that their inheritance was from English frontiersmen mating with the native American--the Indian--and establishing robutst and adventuresome pioneer American families.

The Sweats were a hard-living, hard-fighting people, who with several other families of like heritage moved together quite early out of NC to SC to Miss., to La. and on to Texas.  Two decades before the main Eastern migration began, the, by 1804, were already in La.

Closely intra-related families that more or less moved together included those of Bass, Perkins, Groves, Gibson, Willis, Dial, Johnson, etc.”*

*All of the above information was taken from SWEAT FAMILIES OF THE SOUTH by Erbon W. Wise from Sulphur, Louisiana

1640 Robert Sweat of James City Parish, Virginia was made to do penance in church in 1640 "for gettin a negroe woman with child" (McIlwaine, ed., Minutes Council Va., 477 by Jordan)

1667/8 William Sweat was about 25 when he made a deposition in Surry County, Virginia Court about the brand on Arthur Allen's horses. (Court Records II:305) 

1671 March  William Sweat  claimed payment in Surry County Virginia Court for looking after Susan Robinson's horses (Court Records III:2)

1679 6 May: Margaret Swett made a claim in Surry County Virginia Court  for wages of 375 pounds of tobacco against the estate of John Whitson. (Court Records III:250)  The claim was granted to William on 5 September 1679.  (III:278)

1682 William Sweat was taxable in Thomas Binn's household in Lower Chipoakes in Lawnes Creek Parish in Surry County, Virginia. (W &D 1684-87, p. 35)

1685/6  5 January:  William Sweat was granted  842 pounds judgment in a suit against John Phillips in the Surry County Virginia Court. (Court Records IV:504)

1687 December:  William Sweat was ordered to pay Robert Caufield 772 pounds of tobacco in the Surry County, Virginia Court. (Court Records IV:589)

1688/9 5 January:  William Sweat was granted 415 pounds in his suit against the estate of Joseph Malden in the Surry County Virginia Court.  (Court Records IV:691)

1692 5 July:  William Sweat was ordered to pay Robert Caufield 1,131 pounds of tobacco in the Surry County, Virginia Court (Court Records V:43)

1694 July:  William Sweat petitioned the Surry County, Virginia Court to determine whether his unnamed, free born "Mallatto" daughter was tithable.  The court rule that she was not tithable.  (Court Records V:108)

1696 September:  William Sweat and Anthony Cornish were security for Margaret Sweat's administration on the estate of Robert Sweat in Surry County, Virginia.  (Court Records V:168)

1698  William Sweat was taxable in his own household with William Jr in Southwarke Parish in Surry County, Virginia.  (Wills, Deeds, Orders 1699-1709, pp. 287-291)

1703 William Sweat was a taxable in his own household with William Jr. in Southwarke Parish in Surry County, Virginia.  (Wills, Deeds, Orders 1699-1709, pp. 287-291)

1711 December:  William Sweat was exempted from payment of public tax because of old age in Surry County, Virginia.  (Court Records VI:176)

1725 William Sweat was born around this year.  Rev. Alexander Gregg in his HISTORY OF THE OLD CHERAWS 1905, wrote that this William  “was probably a branch of the family which came with Gideon and Gibson from Virginia (in 1731 to S.C.).

1754, December23:  On June 5, 1786 Phillip Chavis Sr. sold to John Cade for L200, 100A. in Bladen Co., N.C. on Shoe Heel Swamp beg. where the State line crosses the improvements, AS PER HIS MAJESTIES PAT. GRNTD TO ROBERT SWEAT ON 23 DEC. 1754, CONV. FROM SD SWEAT TO THOMAS FENNIGAN and from sd Fennigan to Carroway Oats, and from sd Oats to Phillip Chavis.  Wit:  William Kennedy/Kanady* and John Paul.  (A-83/84/85).

1759 8 October to 10 January 1760:  "Barnet Sweet" was in the muster roll of Captain James McGirrt's Company in the South Carolina Regiment in the Cherokee Expedition (SCAr: 1)

1766 and 1767 Anthony Sweat purchased land by deed proved in South Carolina and sold land in South Carolina by deed proved between 1771-2. (Index to Deeds of South Carolina, F-3:305, Y-3:418)

1769, August 25:  Elizabeth Sweet, widow 150a on Black Swamp in Craven Co., SC.  ROYAL LAND GRANTS FROM THE KING from the SC State Archives.  Craven was a Colonial County north of Santee River and covered all of the northeastern section of SC to the NC line.  The Sweat-SWeet lands were all in what was old Georgetown and Cheraw districts.

1771 George Swett was in N.C. in the county of Halifax.  Four people were listed in the family as FREE PERSONS OF COLOR.  He was listed as a taxpayer.

1772, May 15:  Anthony Sweet 1000a on Catfish Creek in Craven Co., SC.  ROYAL LAND GRANTS FROM THE KING SC State Archives.  Royal land was allotted by head right ---100a for a man, 50a extra if he had a wife, and 50a extra for each child or dependent under age of 16 years---For the large grants it may not be that he had such a large family but that he was a surveyor for the Crown and was paid in land.

1772, July 16:  William Sweat 150a on Three Creeks in Craven Co., SC. ROYAL LAND GRANTS FROM THE KING from the SC State Archives.

1773 William Sweat was listed in Bladen County, NC.

1775 July 28:  Thomas Sweat 150a on north side of Pee Dee River in Craven Co., S.C. ROYAL LAND GRANTS FROM THE KING from the South Carolina State Archive.

1781 25 April-1782 25 April:  Abraham Sweat served in Raiford's Company of the 10th North Carolina Regiment.(Colonial and State Records, 16:1162)

1782 William Sweat was a Brunswick County, Virginia taxable on one tithe. (Virginia Tax Payers, p. 122)

1782 Anthony Sweat was a Brunswick County, Virginia taxable on one tithe. (Virginia Tax Payers, p. 122)

1782 William Sweat was a Brunswick County, Virginia taxable. (Virginia Tax Payers, p. 122).

1782 William Sweat was taxable in District 10 of Halifax County, NC.

1782 Abraham Sweat purchased 246 acres in Halifax County, NC by three deeds on 5 August 1782; 3 September 1782; and 31 May 1784 (15:70, 75, 222)

1782 Sarah Swett was a taxable on 50 acres in District 10 of Halifax County, NC.

1782 William Sweat was a taxable in District 10 of Halifax County, NC

1782 Margaret/Peggy Sweat was head of a household of 4 in Williamsburg City, Virginia.

1784 Benjamin Sweat paid poll tax in Bladen County, NC in Captain Cades' District.

1786 Abraham Sweat was head of a Halifax County, NC household of 3 male and 5 female free persons in the North Carolina state census. for district 8.

1786 William Sweat was head of a household of 1 free male and 3 females in District 8 of Halifax County, NC.  He received a 640 acre grant for his services in the Revolution (mentioned in Franklin County deed 6:89).

1786 James Sweat lived alone in Dupree's District, Northampton County, NC and was counted as a "Black" person 12-50 years old.

1790 3 March:  James Sweat married Patience Read, "daughter of John and Sarah Reed," with a Nouthampton County Bond, David Reed surety, and was the executor of the 23 August 1790 Northampton County will of her father, John Read.

1790 James Sweat was head of an Onslow County, NC household of 6 "other free". (NC:197)

1790 Abraham Sweat was taxable on 250 acres and 4 free polls in Halifax County, NC

1790 Abraham Sweat was head of a Halifax County, NC  household of 5 "other free". (NC:62)

1790 Burke County, NC Census Ephraim was counted as white head of a household of one male over 16, two under 16, and 3 females and lived adjacent to Gilbert Sweat. (NC:108)  It is stated in the SWEAT FAMILIES OF THE SOUTH, by Wise, 1983, that he married Olive Perkins and moved to Louisiana with his brother Gilbert about 1804.

1790 George Sweat was taxable on one free poll in Halifax County, NC and head of a Halifax County household of 4 "other free".( NC:62)  He received NC Army pay for services to the Revolution. (Clark, State Records, XVII; 250)

1790 Census Halifax County NC;  George Swett  has 3 other and lives in the Halifax dist.

1790 Morman Census Index; Gilbert Sweat; Burke County, NC, p.108

1792 7 January:  Allen Sweat married Nancy Evans in Wake County, NC with a Wake County Bond, Reuben Evans Bondsman.  He was the head of a household of one free male and 2 free females in the state census in District 10 of Halifax County, NC.

1795, Dec. 20:  Edward Sweat and Rhoda Carter were married in Surry Co., N.C.

1799 20 May:  Nancy Sweat was called an orphan of William Sweat deceased when she was bound to James Conner in Halifax County, NC Court. (Minutes 1799-1802, p.23)

1799 18 November:  George Sweat was deceased by 18 November 1799 when the Halifax County, NC ordered two of his children, Nancy and George, bound to Abram Sweat. (Minutes 1799-1802, p.62)

1800 William Sweat was a taxable on 3 tithes in Greensville County, Virginia. (Virginia Genealogist, 26:192)

1800 Levi Sweat was an over 21 year old taxable in William Sweat's Greensville County, Virginia household. (Virginia Genealogist, 26:192)

1800 Anthony Sweat was a taxable on two tithes in Greensville County, Virginia. (Virginia Genealogist, 26:192)

1800 William Sweat was the head of a Northampton County, NC household of 5 "other free".(NC:477)

1800 Abraham Sweat was head of a Halifax County, NC household of 6 "other free". (NC:344)

1800 Morman Census Index;  Calob Sweat; Chester County, SC, p.81

1800 Morman Census Index; Ephraim Sweat, Greenville County, SC, p.264

1800 Morman Census Index, Gilbert Sweat, Greenville County, SC, p.264

1810 J. Swett was head of a Brunswick County, North Carolina household of 10 "other free". (NC:238)

1810 John Sweat was head of a Richland District, SC household of 6 "other free". (SC:176)

1810 William Sweat was the head of a Northampton County, NC household of 6 "other free". (NC:746)

1810 Abraham Sweat was head of a Halifax County, NC household of 4 "other free". (NC:50)

1810 Delilah Sweat was the head of a Halifax County, NC household of 4 "other free". (NC:50)

1810 Morman Census Index; Charity Sweat; Richland Dist. SC,p.178

1810 Morman Census Index; Syles Sweat; Marion Dist. SC p.079

1813 23 January:  John Sweat's 23 January 1813 will in Fairfield County, S.C. was proved 7 June 1813.  He mentioned his children and wife, formerly Elizabeth Graham. (7:24)

1813 29 October:  Anthony Sweat's 29 October 1813 Marion County, SC will was proved 27 November 1813.  He left land, slaves, and $1.000 worth of cattle to his children.

1819 10 December:  Abraham Sweat's will was proved in May 1820 (3:653).  He gave his friend, Richard H. Crowell, 273 acres and mentioned his grandchild, John Langston of Virginia, and the heirs of Lucy Cook.

1820 William Sweat was the head of a Northampton County, NC household of 9 "free colored".(NC:746)

1825  5 December: James Sweat married Maron Roberts Northampton County, NC Bond, William Finney bondsman.

1830 William Sweat was the head of a Northampton County, NC household of 8 "free colored". (NC: 746)

1838 11 September:  Elizabeth Sweat married Madison Tann with a Northampton County, NC Bond, Drewry Bass bondsman, counted with Madison in household #632 of the 1850 census for Northampton County.

1850 William Sweat was counted in the 1850 census for Campbell County, Tennessee.  He married Lucinda born about 1790 in SC.  He had an estate worth $3,000 in 1850.  (Census, p. 312)


David Sweat, Pvt, 10th N.C. Reg. lived in Robeson Co.

Anthony Sweat, Pvt.

Abraham Sweat, Pvt, Raiford’s Co., lived in Halifax Co.

William, Pvt. Eaton’s Co. 3rd Reg of Col. Jethro Sumner; enlisted 20 April 1776 for 2 1/2  years; discharged 10 Nov. 1778; lived in Surry Co.

William, 2nd N.C. Battalion, Roll of Major Hardy’s Co, commanded by Col. John Patton, 9 Sept. 1778. 

George Sweat, shown on Abstracts of the Army Accounts of the NC line.

1783 Abraham Sweet in Halifax County, N.C. listed as  taxpayer Vol. II 1679-1790.

1783 Sarah Sweet  in Halifax County, N.C. listed as taxpayer Vol. II 1679-1790.

1783 William Sweet in Halifax County, N.C. listed as taxpayer Vol. II 1679-1790.

1784 Benjamin Sweet in Bladen County, N.C. listed as taxpayer Vol. II 1679-1790.

1784-87 James Sweat in the Census in Northampton Co., N.C.

1785-86 Edward Sweat, arrived from Maryland to Surry Co., N.C. (Surry was formed in 1771 from Rowan, formed from Anson in 1753, formed from Bladen in 1750, formed from New Hanover and Bath in 1734).

1786, Feb. 20  State Census of N.C. 1784-1787.  Abraham Sweat/Sweet/Swett of Halifax county taken by William Branch Jr.----1 woman 21-60; 2 women under 20 and over 60; 5 White females.

1786, Feb. 20 State Census of N.C. 1784-1787.  William Swett 1 woman 21-60; 3 White females.

Halifax County.

1786, Feb. 20 State Census of N.C. 1784-1787.  Allen Sweat 1 woman under 21 and over 60; 2 White females.  Halifax district.

1790 William Swett(Mulato) S.C. Census in the Cheraw District.

1790 N.C. Census George Swett was listed as having 4 in the family in Halifax County.  They were listed as free persons of color.

1790 William Sweat who was the son of Edward Sweat was listed in the N.C. Census in Surry Co.

1790 Census in  Burke Co., N.C. Ephraim Sweat and Gideon Sweat who were brothers.  It appears that they moved through S.C., Miss. to La.

1790 Abraham Sweat was listed in the Wake Co., N.C.  as a veteran of the Revolution.  He was listed there in 1784-87.

1790 Census Onslow Co., N.C. James Sweet was listed.  Onslow Co. was formed 1734 preceding Bath.

1790 Census Wayne County, N.C.  Wm. Sweet was listed in the census.  Wayne was formed from Craven and Dobbs in 1779.

1790 N.C. Census Allen Sweat was in the Census of Wake Co. in 1784-87.

1790 Wake Co., N.C. Census William Sweat in 1784-87.

1790 Wake Co., N.C. George Swett  in the census.

1800 Census in S.C

Anna Sweat Greenville Co., 264

Calob Sweat Chester Co., 81

Ephrain Sweat Greenville Co., 264

Gilbert Sweat Greenville Co., 264

James Sweat Barnwell Dist., 64

William Sweat Jr. Beaufort Co., 106

William Sr. Beaufort Co., 110

William Sweat Greenville Co., 275

Anthony Sweet Jr. Liberty Co., 779

Anthony Sweet, Sen. Liberty Co., 803

 Goppero Sweet Liberty Co., 779

 Sylvanus Sweet Liberty Co., 779

Mary Sweeten Marlboro Co., 60

William Sweetinaurgh Lexinton Co., 262

Lewis Sweeting Beaufort Co., 78

James Sweetman Charleston Co., 66

1800 Census Wake Co., N.C. Allen Sweat was listed.

1800 Census of Northampton  Co., N.C. William Sweat listed.  Northampton was form from Bertie in 1741.

1806, May 23:  George Sweat and Elizabeth Moreland were married in Surry Co., N.C.

1807 John Sweat was listed in Buncombe Co., N.C. Buncombe was formed from Burke in 1791.

1810 Census of S.C.:

Charity Sweat Rich  Co.,178 Columbia

Gilth Sweat Malb Co., 091

James Sweat Beau Co., 125 St Luke

John Sweat Richmond 176 Columbia

John Sweat Ches 275 NO TWP L

Syles Sweat Marion 079  NO TWP L

William Sweat Beaufort 106 St. Pete

Gospero Sweet Marion 084 NO TWP L

Martha Sweet Coll 329 NO TWP L

Silvies Sweet Horr 141 Charlest

1810 Census in Surry Co., N.C. The sons of William Sweatt were listed:  William, Edward and George.  William Sweatt was the son of Edward Sweat who arrived in 1785-86 from Maryland.

1810 J. Sweat was in Brunswick Co., N.C.  Brunswick Co. was formed from New Hanover in 1764.

1812:  Edward Sweatt reported living in Surry Co., N.C.:  WB-3/103:  Archives Raleigh, N.C.

1820  George Swet was listed in Marion County, S.C. in the census.

           Ben Swet Marlboro County, S.C.

            Merideth Swet Marlboro County, S.C.

            Ephram Swet Marlboro County, S.C.

            John Sweat Fairfield

            John Sweat  Chester

            Joshla Sweat Chesterf

            Charity Sweat Richland

             Anthony Sweet Marion

             Anthony Sweet Marion

             Gospero Sweet Marion

              Silvuis Sweet Horry

              Ben Swet Marlboro

              Ephraim Swet Marlboro

               George Swet Marlboro

               Merideth Swet Marlboro

                William Swet Marlboro

1820 Census Robeson Co., N.C. David Sweat, veteran of the Revolution, was listed.  He was 60 years old.    Robeson Co., N.C. was formed in 1787 from Bladen Co.

1825, December 5:  James and Maron Roberts were married in Northampton Co., N.C.

1830 Census for S.C.

Buck Sweat Marlboro 070 Marlboro

Ephraim Sweat  Greff 333 Greenv

George Sweat Marion 046 Marion

Gocdean Sweat Barn 127 Barnwell

Joel Sweat Abbe 017 Abbevill

Meredith  SweatMarl 058 Marlboro

Robert Sweat Abbe 017 Abbevill

Sarah Sweat Lanc 100 Lancaste

Silas Sweat Lanc 100 Lancaste

Charles Sweet Chest 264 Chesterf

Gospard Sweet Mari 047 Marion

Mary Sweet Chest 264 Chesterf

Siloius Sweet Mari 047 Marion

Silvius Sweet Horr 270 Horry

C. Swet Ches 318 Chester

A Swett Ches 346 Chester

J. Swett Ches 339 Chester

T. Swett Ches 345 Chester

1840 Census for S.C.

Alfred Sweat Ches 301 NO TWP L

Barny Sweat Ches 224 St. George

Charles Sweat Lanc 414 No TWP L

Daniel Sweat Ches 155 ST. James

David Sweat Lanc 405 No Twp L

George Sweat Lanc 414 NO TWP L

George Sweat Lanc 414 NO TWP L

George Sweat Fair 185 NO TWP L

George Sweat Mari 137 NO TWP L

Gideon A. Sweat Barn 212 NO TWP L

James Sweat Oran 323 ST Matth

James  T. Sweat Beau 291 St Peter

John Sweat Sumt 016 NO TWP L

John Sweat Rich 425 Columbia

Josia Sweat  Ches 302 NO TWP L

Merideth Sweat Marl 201 NO TWP L

Moses Sweat Unio 176 NO TWP L

Richard Sweat  Fair 174 NO TWP L

Richard Sweat Fair 174 NO TWP L

Seinpe Sweat Lanc 413 NO TWP L

Simeon Sweat Mari 137 NO TWP L

Temperance Sweat Ches 289 NO TWP L

Zilpa Sweat Ches 276 NO TWP L

Anthony Sweet Mar 158 NO TWP L

B.S. Sweet Barn 178 NO TWP L

Eli Sweet Mari 136 NO TWP L

Elizabeth Sweet Mari 136 NO TWP L

Gause Sweet Mari 136 NO TWP L

William Sweet Marl 158 NO TWP L

William Sweet Marl 196 NO TWP L

Caty Swet Ches 374 NO TWP L

Caty Swet Ches 374 NO TWP L

John Swet Kers 352 NO TWP L

John W. Swett  Pick 375 NO TWP L

James Swette Ches 109 Charles

1849, July 11:  S.C. Winijah Observer Anthony Sweet Marion Dist. died 31 leaves widow 2 or 3 children.

1849, July 7:  William applied to admin estate of ANTHONY SWEET.

1850 Census in South Carolina NO means NO TWP L

B.S. Sweat Barn 406 NO TWP L

Benjamin Sweat Marl 178 NO TWP L

C. Sweat Lanc 158 NO TWP L

D. Sweat Lanc 158 NO TWP L

Cavic Sweat York 237 York  Dis.

Elizabeth Sweat Marl 171 NO TWP L

G. Sweat Lanc 159 NO TWP L

George Sweat Marion 083 NO TWP L

Gideon Sweat Barn 398 NO TWP L

Issac Sweat Marl 178 NO TWP L

J. W. Sweat Geor 309 Prince G

James Sweat Marl 182 NO TWP L

James Sweat Marl 172 NO

James Sweat York  199 York Dist.

James E. Sweat Barn 398

James T. Sweat Beau 060 St. Pete

Jesse Sweat Chst 107 NO

John Sweat Marl 123 NO

John Sweat Barn 465 America

Lavina Sweat York 200 York Dist

Mary Sweat Chst 123 NO

Merideth Sweat Marl 106 NO

Nathan Sweat Marl 172 NO

Noah Sweat  Char 395 ST. Johns

Simeon Sweat Mari 084 NO

Sophinia Sweat York 199 York Dist.

Thomas Sweat Chst 121 NO

Wesley Sweat Sumt 361 NO

William Sweat Chst 160 NO

William Sweat Marl 172 NO

Banarc Sweet Coll 252 St George

Ebenezer L. Sweet Mari 003 NO

J. Sweet Gran 354 Orange Bu

John Sweet M.J. Fair 234 NO

Mary Sweet Mari  120 Marion V

W. Sweet Char 368 ST. James

Caroline Swet Ches oo7 NO

Charlotte  Swet Ches o53 NO

Diana Swet Ches 009 NO

James Swet Ches 050 NO

Moses Swet Ches 056 NO

Sarah Swet Ches 066 NO

William Swet  Ches 021 NO

Daniel Swett Char 419 ST. James

Middleton Swett Char 351 ST. Phil

Robert Swett Char 417 St. James

1850 Morman Census Index

Adaline Sweat; Beaufort Dist. SC, p.0062

B.S.Sweat; Barnwell County, SC, p.406

Barney Sweat; Barnwell County, SC p.1159

D. Sweat; Lancaster County, SC p.158

G. Sweat, Lancaster County, SC p. 159


1860 Census from S.C.


Alfred Sweat Chtr 10

Annie Sweat Chtr 18

Benjamin Sweat Mrbo 203

Danl Sweat Chtn 136

David Sweat Orbg 327

David York 425

David Marn 49

David  Chtn 136

Delila Lctr 169

Elizabeth Mrbo 169

Ellen C. Chtn 132

Fred Cotn 342

G. A. Bnwl 447

George Marn 50

George Lctr 183

Green Chtr 85

H.M. Cotn 3229

Henrietta Rhld 55

Henry Mrbo 200

Hollie Marn 93

J. B. Bnwl 446

J. W. Getn 311

James Mrbo 147

James Orbg 326

James Chtr 32

James Chtr 7

James T. Buft 57

Jno Chtr 32

Jno A. Mrbo 206

John Mrbo 200

John Lorenz Mrbo 207

Laurence J. Rhld 53

Marry Chtn 131

Mary Rhld 60

Middleton Cotn 343

Morgan Cotn 337

Nathan Mrbo 203

R. E. Buft 40

Robert Mrbo 211

S. Orbg 325

Saml York 427 Sarah Chtr 77

Thomas G Mrbo 207

W. W. Dltn 475

Wish Smtr 172

Wm Mrbo 206

Wm Chfd 163

Wm K Mrbo 203




B.S. Bmwl 356

Ebenezer Getn 305

Elizabeth Marn 55

John W. Marn 36

M. H. Marn 42

Pearce Bnwl 352




Alfre York 456

Margatet York 456

Mary A. York 428

Thos Chfd 96


Swett:  J. W. Dltn 377

Wesley Dltn 386

1851, January 8.  Frank Swet/Sweet/Swett, etc. was born on this date and died June 21, 1924.  He was born in the outskirts of Marion, S.C.  He was about 5’5” or 6” and wore a goatee and a mustache.  He was said to be stubborn.  He married Margaret Katherine Owen who was born April 11, 1849 and died on March 17, 1921.  Both are buried in the Hickory Hill Cemetary by Hickory Hill Baptist Church, Rowland, N.C.  The following is on the tombstone:  As you are now so once were we;As we are now you soon shall be; Prepare for death and follow us.  Margaret had a first cousin named Charlie Owen.  Dolly Locklear Lowry’s grandparents.  Frank Swet’s brother was Mitchel Swet and he had a son Lonnie who owned a liquor store in Dillon, S.C.  Another possible relative is Noah Swet who lived to be 107.

1856, October 16:  James Sweat and Ann Brooks were married in Halifax Co., N.C.

1857, January 15:  William Sweat and Mary Ann White were married in Gates Co., N.C.

1859, October 20:  Exum Sweat and Sarah Hicks were married in Northampton Co., N.C.

1860 Census in S.C.:

Alfred Sweat CHTR  10

Annie Sweat  CHTR  18

Benjamin Sweat MRBO 203

Daniel Sweat CHTN 136

David Sweat YORK 425

David Sweat  ORBG 327

David Sweat MARN 49

David Sweat CHTN 136

Delila Sweat LCTR 169

Elizabeth Sweat MRBO 169

Ellen C. Sweat CHTN 132

Fred Sweat COTN 342

GA Sweat BNWL 447

George Sweat MARN 50

George Sweat LCTR 183

Green Sweat CHTR

Lonnie Sweat was born January 12, 1896 and died May 2, 1976.  His wife was Carrie Dorman Sweat and was born March 25, 1898 and died July 6, 1984.  Azalee Sweatt was born February 5, 1921 and died January 26, 1987.  Reed  Caulder was born July 8, 1915 and his wife Inez was born April 27, 1927 and died February 15, 1982.  All of the above lived in Dillon county S.C.  Caulder is a family name by marriage.

1880 Census Marion County, S.C. Bethea Township.  Enumerator A.J. Bethea.

Frank Sweet B. 1855 Mulatoe 25 laborer

Margaret Owen Sweet B. 1855 Mulatoe 25 wife

Eli son Mulatoe 4 son

Malinda Mulatoe female 2 daughter.

1886, September 16.  Lucinda Swet was born in S.C.  She died on April 3, 1936 and is buried in the Christian Locklear Cemetary in Robeson County, N.C.  She married James Berkley Locklear when he was 25 and she was 19.  They bought the license on May 28, 1904 and married on June 12, 1904.  They lived in Robeson County, N.C. in the Thompson Township.  W.J. Smith was the Justice of the Peace and the witnesses were Ella and John Locklear.  These are Dolly Locklear Lowry’s parents.

1900 Census N.C. Thompson Township; Robeson County----

Frank Sweet (Swett) head B. 1854(Jan 1852?) age 46- born in SC

Mag. (Margaret Catherine Owen) wife B. April 1852 age 48-born in SC

Eli son B. August 1875 age 24 single- born in SC

Malinda daughter B. October 1878 21 single born in SC

John son B. March 1881 19 single - born in SC

Martha daughter B. March 1883 16 single - born in SC

Lucinda daughter Sept. 1886 13 single born in SC

Rufus son B. June 1889 10 single - born in SC

Loeonard son B. July 1892 7 single - born in SC

Tom son B. April 1898 2 single born in NC

Rents farm cannot read or write.



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1850              David Sweat                237                  York District

1850              James Sweat                199                  York District

1859              Lavina Sweat              200                   York District

1850              Sopchinia Sweat        199                  York District

1850              Carolina Lowry           198                   York District


Mrs. Dolly Locklear Lowry’s grandparents. (Robeson County, NC)

1921, March 17.  Maggie died on this date.  She was the wife of Frank Sweat.  She was buried Hickory Hill cemetary in Robeson County, N.C. in Thompson Township.  She was about 73 at her death.  Her father was Newton Owen and her mother was Elizabeth Norton.  She may have died of Cardio Vascular Renal changes.  E.L. Bowman was the attending doctor.

1922, January 26.  Wedding date of Tommy Virgie Sweat  and Bertha Strickland of Thompson Township, Robeson County, N.C. Vol. 1922 pg. 620.  Son of Frank Sweat.

1924, June 21.  Frank Sweat died and was buried at Hickory Hill cemetary.  He was a farmer.  He died suddenly of Angina Pectorus probably.  His father is not known.  He was Dolly Locklear Lowry’s grandfather on her mother’s side.

1935, May 25.  Nancy Sweat died who was Frank Sweat’s mother .  Information  found in Vol. 1924 page 657.Father Amos Sweatt and mother Kathryn Lowry Vol. 1935 p. 407.



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