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Items Written by Abner Lowry--his own hand.  Click

What happened to Henry Berry Lowry by Theodore Lowry  Click

Dedication of Lowry Bell Tower- University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Hopewell United Methodist  Church Records 1922 and 1927

Photo Galleries:  Hopewell Communitylowry1.jpg

Home of Allen Lowry Family---father of Henry Berry Lowry

                                                                Abner Lowry  1862-1944                    

Henry Berry Lowry                           Nephew of Henry Berry Lowry  


              Hopewell Community: 1915-.Lowry Family In the buggy Plummer,---next---- Bertie, Zeb, Bernard, Mother Rosie, Carlee, Father , Theodore, Lula, Ira Pate, Elry                                 

                 Abner Lowry's Family House--and family




Mr. Theodore and Mrs. Dollie                            Bob Lowry, Ray Lowry, Perry Lowry, 

   Perry, Olivia and Ray                                                    Dobber Oxendine                           Perry, Olivia,Ray

Theodore Lowry Family--1950



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